Accessible Fighting Game Fantasy Strike Releasing On PS4, PC, Switch July 25th

There’s plenty of attempts to make an accessible fighting game, by ways of simplifying inputs so players can focus on what fighting game players have been enjoying all these years- the strategic gameplay. Fantasy Strike, by Sirlin Games, is among them. And it’s coming out next month.

The game has been in Early Access on Steam, but it will be leaving Early Access on July 15th, alongside console releases on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

With Fantasy Strike, the inputs have all been streamlined. With only one attack button, two specials (as one-button inputs), jump, block, throw and a super. And teching throws require no input at all.

The full release will see the game getting better visuals, improved performance, improved netcode, tutorial videos in-game and UI improvements.

It has since been three years since the game’s announcement, so at least we get to see one of the fighting games purely focused on simplified inputs coming to release. Various mainstream fighting have also embraced optional use of simplified controls.

Source: Fantasy Strike

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