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Absolver Releases On August 29, Take A Look At How To Create Your Own Combat Style


Part brawler, part Souls-like and part fighting game, the indie game Absolver has tons of potential. It is now confirmed to be released on August 29 and to accompany that announcement, a new trailer has appeared. It details out how the combat system works, and it is absolutely worth paying attention to.

The combat in Absolver revolves around making your own “combat deck”. Essentially, all the moves you can pull off are customisable. Absolver also uses stances, like what we last seen in Ubisoft’s For Honor. Instead of three, there’s four stances and a three-button string combo can be cancelled into other stances to continue another set of combo in an elegant manner, assuming the opponent is not defending properly. As for defending options, you can opt to be quick and dodge them, have the ability to absorb the hit (but negates stun or back push, like an armored state) or utilise the good old parries.

The custom moves you can customise has to be gained by combat, either against low level Prospectors or high level Absolvers, which can be just AI or other human players. Alternatively, you can take another human player as your mentor and slowly gain their moves as you spend time under their tutelage. This should feed into the co-op/PvE elements that the game is focusing, aside from the duels and fisticuffs with other players online.

Take a look at the trailer below:

Absolver will release on August 29 for PC and the PS4.