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A Way Out Is A New Co-Op Adventure By The Creator Of Brothers: A Two Tale Of Two Sons


Want a new indie game with split-screen multiplayer? From the creator of Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons, A Way Out is a another take of co-op gaming, but with a grander scale. You play as a duo of Leo and Vincent, teaming up to find a way out (hah!) of the prison where they are kept.

The interesting part is the game is entirely played via split-screen, with clever use of it. One person could be in a cut-scene and another is experiencing gameplay, and using the two perspectives together makes it an experience not seen in most games. It will be a mix of various mechanics, a bit of adventure game, a bit of stealth and combat.

You can play it either locally with a friend or online, but the whole experience will be split-screen. What seems to be a relic of past generation is now a main part of the game.

It’s an indie game under the EA Original. But that look of it has the look of a bona-fide AAA game, like Ninja Theory’s Hellblade.

Check out the trailer here:

Here’s a breakdown of the gameplay:

A Way Out will be out in early 2018 on PS4, PC and Xbox One.