A New Marvel VS Capcom Rumoured To Be In The Works, Using The Cinematic Universe Instead Of The Comics

Marvel VS Capcom. It was not only a successful crossover game with tons of characters from the Marvel comic universe and Capcom’s huge stable of characters, it has a ridiculous- if not broken to some extent- fighting mechanics that keeps the game still being played casually and competitively despite the latest rendition, Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, is a 2011 release and not available in any digital distribution ever. But a report from Polygon is mentioning it may make a comeback.

The rumour of Marvel VS Capcom 4 here is that it will be revealed at Playstation Experience, specifically in conjunction with Capcom Cup that will be held there. Another interesting note here is the switch from the using the Marvel comics universe to the cinematic one. So probably we will see more characters that have appear in the silver screen (that is produced under Marvel/Disney). Probably less X-Men (the staple series that originated the mashup of Marvel and Capcom), more The Avengers and Guardians of The Galaxy. Expect some costume changes and some character changes as well- like it’s a different person who is Ant-Man in the cinematic universe. Probably no Deadpool as well.

This is actually a smart move. Considering the cinematic stuff by Marvel has been doing wonders in terms of revenue and fan following, getting Marvel VS Capcom 4 to capitalise that should rake in many casual players to play it, something fighting games need to do right now. If this is all true, we probably be see some new kind of aesthetic- Marvel 3 was so into the comics the characters are cel-shaded. Let’s hope it’s not another Street Fighter V where the focus is solely e-sports and not a complete package of a fighting game.

Netherealm and Warner Bros. are getting to work on Injustice 2, a fighting game based on DC heroes and villains, so it’s a good time right now if you are both a comic and fighting game fan.

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