A Look Into Project Cars 2 Leaked Trailer

Project Cars 2, the sequel to the crowd-funded Racing game Project Cars which launched back in 2015, was initially announced in early 2016 with a close beta for select users of the original game. Much secrecy and many leak screenshots later, an official looking trailer for the game surfaces ahead of a proper reveal by Slightly Mad Studios, the developers.

Since it hasn’t been taken down by the studio after a week of it being up, it’s safe to assume that this trailer is the real deal. So let’s take a look some of the more worthwhile points of the trailer.

Dashing through the snow.

So,first up is probably the inclusion of mix surface racing as seen in this shot of a Mercedes driving around a ice bank. We may see players racing across icy roads in the full game.

Red Flag!

Now by the looks of the screenshot, you might not notice it but looking at the trailer, you can see the flag realistically waving around which means that the weather system in the game has been improved for more realism,with them also showcasing the various weather available as well along with a day/night cycle later on in the trailer.

Porsche confirmed.

As we had reported before, we now see an abundance of Porsches in many other games and this new game is no expectation, showcasing a Porsche 935 “Moby Dick” from 1978 in the trailer, expect more of the modern-era Porsches in the game when it releases alongside the sleuth of cars available with the likes of McLaren P1 GT3, Jaguar XJ220 and even a few Rallycross cars.

Dirt Rallying anyone?

And here’s more evidence that shows the inclusion of mix surface racing, with this shot of three Mini JCW racing across a Rallycross track. They might not have the World Rallycross license but it won’t stop SMS adding a bit of rally racing into the series.

There’s no release date yet but expect either Slightly Mad Studios or their publisher, Bandai Namco to announce an official statement on later this year but it will launch for all the current gen consoles.

You can watch the trailer below!

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