A Look Into Project Cars 2 Announcement Trailer.

Two days after we had reported about their leaked trailer, Slightly Mad Studios has release an official announcement trailer for Project Cars 2, with more cinematics and a release date. So, let’s dive right into it.

Snowy brands.

As we mention before, the studio has reworked the weather system to give more unique weather such as snow onto tracks for players to enjoy. How does it handle during the snow is anyone’s guess for now.

Oval tracks are here

Curiously,in Project Cars, oval tracks did not make an appearance in the final game even though there was a beta version of Indianapolis Motor Speedway during the game’s closed beta. Maybe in Project Cars 2, we shall see the arrival of oval tracks as seen in this shot of the trailer?

Acura Inside.

Here’s a nice inside shot of the new Honda NSX. Looks pretty good and highly detail as well. We probably see more highly detailed cockpits in the full game later but man does that Honda look good.

And here is the release date! A rough estimation would be around October or even November and it will come out for all the current gen systems:PS4,Xbox One and PC.  No news for the Nintendo Switch port but don’t hope for it.

You can watch the trailer below!


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