Hitman 2016 Adds New Level, Sapienza Coming April 26

Hitman 2016 will deliver the next level/world/episode of the game on April 26. Agent 47 will drop to the town of Sapienza, located in Italy. Similar to the first Paris level, Sapienza will be another open-ended level, with lots of opportunities to assassinate targets and getting access to restricted areas. Expect some beautiful views from the small town with the Mediterranean sea. From the looks of it, Sapienza is as big, if not bigger than the Paris map. Interestingly, you’ll also be exploring some biochemical labs hidden in the quiet town too.

Check out the trailer for some glimpse of Sapienza, and the target you’re chasing this time around.

It is to be noted that players who bought the Hitman Intro Pack won’t be getting this, as this, along with the rest of the upcoming content of Hitman will need an upgrade pack purchased first. If you bought the whole game already, Sapienza will be waiting for you in the coming days.

Hitman 2016 will release a few more locations/episodes in the coming months, and slated to be in a complete, full and physical form sometime in early 2017.

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