5 BILLION years To Entirely Explore No Man’s Sky And Here’s Why

No Man’s Sky is a new space exploration game with 18 QUINTILLION unique planets waiting to be explored.

This game is basically about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy and yes it is an open world game (duh), coming soon to PS4 and PC.

It would take 10 years to discover every planet if everyone on earth discovered 500 planets per minute.



Taken from E3 2015

This is possible because most of the universe within the game is procedurally-generated and each environment is randomly created.

menu no man

facts no man

The landscapes and distances aren’t faked, and the game employs realistic physics.



Even the animals on the game’s planet have unique behaviours and custom looks.

no man's species

The total code written for the entire game, as of February 2016, was around 6000 lines.


This will be the greatest exploration of ALL time.

No Man’ Sky will be available for VR headsets and PS4, and is slated for a June 16 release.

You can pre-order it now on Steam for RM105.00.



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