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3D Platformer Psychonauts 2 Has A New Publisher And A Cool Look


Anyone here played Psychonauts? It’s a pretty interesting 3D platformer from Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Studios involving kids going to summer camps and a pretty mental themes. Literally. You have kids learning psychic moves and explore the inner minds of people- some of them suffering mental illness- and see how it works.

A sequel is on the way. First announced as a crowdfunded project for Fig in 2015’s Game Awards, Psychonauts 2 is still in early development. It has, however, secured a publisher in the form of Starbreeze Studios.

Starbreeze made their name as a development house with games like The Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, The Darkness and the Payday series before moving on into a publishing role. They have published the indie title Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons and is working with Acer on a VR Project for IMAX Theatres. Now they will help Double Fine to get the anticipated sequel to an underrated game to release.

On that note, here’s a Fig backer update video of Psychonauts 2 in its current form. Currently the team is testing out the look of the game- so the level you are seeing in the video is temporary in terms of its layouts.

Looks pretty charming, from how comical protagonist Raz moves to soft lighting of the scene. Check it out below:

As mentioned, Psychonauts 2 is still early in development. It is aimed for a 2018 release at the moment.