3 Million Units Of Tekken 7 Sold Within First Year Of Release

Fighting games got a huge resurgence this generation. There are many new games being released, the crossovers and guest characters are getting wilder. And thankfully, there are big sales numbers to justify them.

Katsuhiro Harada, longtime director for the Tekken series shared news on Twitter that Tekken 7 has sold 3 million units. The number was reached before the game has reached one year from release, suggesting the numbers are from before July 2nd.

Tekken as a series has sold 47 million copies in total.

That’s some healthy numbers it looks like.

Tekken 7 is getting another year of content. A major update that brought some gameplay changes is now live, whereas a new season pass worth of new characters, including Lei Wulong and Anna Williams (now available) plus.. Negan from The Walking Dead.. will be rolling out soon.

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