2D Musical Platformer In Retrospect Has A Free Demo

Developer Paper Salamander Games announced that their “musical action platformer” game In Retrospect now has a demo.

In Retrospect is a musical game where the many challenges you face in the platformer is synced to the beat.

But these challenges are of you looking back in the past, and each decision you make, from what collectibles you gather and what you choose to answer in key questions will change your life.

So, a 2D platformer, musical, and also has you contemplate the life you’re living. It’s something that has been on lead designer Andrew Nee’s mind, and has expressed it in the game.

“I wanted to tell a story that pared down this concept into a smaller, more twitch package, where split-second decisions can change everything,” Nee said. “And I have always felt that the different phases of our life can be expressed through sound, so I knew that syncing the story, gameplay and music into a coherent whole had to be involved as well.”

In Retrospect has a demo available right now on Steam and itch.io.

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