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$12 Million USD Worth Of Assets For Now Cancelled Game Paragon Made Free

Amateur devs and asset flippers rejoice


It was both a surprise and also an understandable move that Epic, the makers of the Unreal Engine and several hit games, had to cancel their free-to-play MOBA Paragon. It didn’t grow well enough to worth the investment, unfortunately, and Fortnite Battle Royale is blowing to epic proportions.

As one last hurrah, Epic has now made all of the character and environment assets from the cancelled game free for anyone to use in their Unreal projects, both commercial and non-commercial. This includes 20 different Paragon characters- from models, animations and dialogue all available- and 1500 environment assets for the game’s two maps are now available and is said to be worth $12 million USD in total.

Epic will also be giving out tutorials on how to implement some assets that required more adjustments to get properly working, and more asset packs from Paragon is set to be made available in the future.

It’s a different approach on giving back a cancelled free-to-play game to the community. In contrast to Epic giving away assets, Radiant Entertainment, now part of Riot, gave away the original Rising Thunder client as well as an open sourced server code to let the community run the cancelled fighting game again.

For aspiring amateur developers, you can download the assets from the Unreal Marketplace. But let us all pray that these will expensive assets won’t be just flipped by opportunists to make a quick buck.

Source: Unreal blog