The Monstrous Acer Predator 21 X Is Available For A Hefty Price Tag

Acer is not holding any punches with their gaming hardware, and the Predator 21 X is exactly what that means. It is showcased at CES 2017 with more details to share. The first laptop with a curved display. Which includes two GeForce 1080 GTXs, new Kaby Lake Intel i7-7820HK, 64GB RAM, up to four 512GB of SDD storage and a 1TB HDD. It even has a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches. What else can you ask?

And the list of crazy features goes on: 5 fans and 9 heat pipes for cooling, a numeric keypad that can be switched to a touchpad, 21-inch display 2560 x 1080 screen resolution, Xsplit Gamecaster software bundled in and accessible upgrade bay for RAM and hard disk.

If normal laptops are cars, the Predator 21 X is a premium supercar with all the best features money can get. Speaking of which, this monstrous laptop is not for the many. The US price is $8,999, which is a whopping RM40,000 (roughly, according to current exchange rates). There’s no way it would be priced any lower, given all the features they are putting into this behemoth.

But still, we shouldn’t be bummed out just yet. The advancements Acer has made with their Predator line has trickled down into the latest Aspire laptops. Having better products for more consumers after they went wild with the expensive ones  do have their benefits. We will have wait and see if it will be ever be available here in Malaysia.

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