The Huge Controller From The Original Xbox Is Back, Supports Xbox One And PC

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The Huge Controller From The Original Xbox Is Back, Supports Xbox One And PC

Hail to the king, baby. The original Xbox has a really unique controller, mostly because it’s massive. Nicknamed the “Duke” controller, it was way bigger than most gamers used to at the time, to the point that Microsoft released a smaller version of the controller.

But with the Xbox One going to support backwards compatibility for the original Xbox, manufacturers Hyperkin is teaming up with Microsoft to recreate the Duke controller to work on the Xbox One and Windows 10 devices.

Xbox One not to scale, probably.

It’s a faithful recreation. It’s still massive, there are the small white and black buttons nearby the regular face buttons, and it still has the weird concave and convex shapes on the analog stick as well as the odd looking d-pad. It has some changes, however. The Duke now have proper bumper buttons, the start and select buttons have been updated to the current standard logos. The big circle that houses the Xbox logo is now an LCD screen and it uses a 9 foot detachable cable.

The new Duke controller is set to launch later this year, though no price has yet been stated.

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