Project Scorpio’s Specs Revealed, Ready For Native 4K At 60 FPS

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Project Scorpio’s Specs Revealed, Ready For Native 4K At 60 FPS

Microsoft has yet to show any new detail about the Xbox One’s mid-generation upgrade- still dubbed with its codename Project Scorpio. Today changes this fact, as the folks at Digital Foundry, renowned for one their comprehensive technical coverage on games and hardware, got the exclusive look at what Scorpio is capable of.

And the specs are really definitely a bigger step up than the jump of PS4 Pro from the regular PS4.

A lot of changes were made for Scorpio- particularly the SOC (called the Scorpio engine) that will be the heart of the mid-generation Xbox One upgrade, a 12 GB shared VRAM with 8GB available for games (compared to 8GB, 5GB for games in the Xbox One and PS4), eight customised X86 core running at 2.GHz (Xbox One and PS4 used eight AMD Jaguar cores at lower clock speeds), a bigger memory bandwith at 326GB/s and will have a 4K UHD Blu-ray reader like the Xbox One S.

There’s also built-in support for Dolby Atmos, so there’s a slight upgrade to sound production as well. It also employs vapour-chamber cooling, similar to high end graphics cards.

So what does all the raw numbers mean in practice? Well, Turn 10 Studios, the team behind Forza Motorsport, reported they got Forza Motorsport 6 to run at 4K at 60fps without much optimisation work (and power to spare). Interestingly, the engineers at Microsoft worked a bit different when designing Scorpio- instead of just pick and set a hardware configuration, they worked the other way around, focusing on figuring out key components on the hardware to improve based on the Xbox One’s game library.

Sounds impressive, especially about it actually running native 4K. But will it go toe-to-toe with a beefy PC that’s already possible of running something similar? Or will other Xbox One games will generally run better on Scorpio right out of the bat? And how many of them will employ 4K at 60fps? Will the pricing be attractive?

We should learn about more of the Scorpio in the near future as the console is still targeted to release by this year.

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