Overwatch New Map Oasis Is Now Live

First announced at last year’s Blizzcon, Overwatch new map Oasis is now live on all platforms. It has been in testing on the Public Test Region (PTR) for quite some time, which spawned many reactions due to its many new features.

Oasis is a Control (King Of The Hill) map, like Lijiang Towers, Ilios and Nepal. Each three sub-maps have its own quirks that should lead to interesting team fights. University has a hole in the middle of the control point which leads to a health pack. Garden has a perch on top of the control point where Widowmaker, Ana, Soldier:76 and even spam-heavy heroes like Junkrat can wreck havoc. The most interesting would be City Center, where traffic on the sides of the map acts as hazards. There’s a large health pack on the side near to the streets, which presents a risky situation if you go for the heals. Then there’s also a single jump pad that propels any hero up to the sky.

Have a look in this trailer. It’s beautiful. Lore-wise it’s an artificial city made in an unspecified part of the Middle East, which explains its mix of high-tech and Arabic architecture.

This makes the total map pool in Overwatch to 14. In our review we specifically knock the game down due to its lack of content. Blizzard is going to keep adding more and more stuff to the ever-successful game, with more maps and heroes in the pipeline for 2017.

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