No Man’s Sky Blasting off on June 21st

No Man’s Sky, Hello Games’ gigantic and ambitious space exploration game now has a confirmed date of release, June 21st.

Set to release on the 21st in North America and the 24th in Europe, both PC and PS4 versions are set to be launched concurrently. Together with the breaking news, there is now a special Explorer’s Edition of No Man’s Sky (PC) for pre-order. It comes with a model spaceship, a badge and an exclusive mystery item that will be revealed at the game’s release. This special edition is limited to 10,000 pieces only.

No Man's Sky

PS4 gamers, do not despair. You can look forward to a Special Edition, which includes a copy of the game as well as a steelbook case, 48-page artbook, exclusive comic book, dynamic PS4 theme, and “starter pack” including a ship boost, bonus resources, and an in-game weapon blueprint.

NMS Special

As explained by Sean Murray from Hello Games, “in No Man’s Sky you can trade, fight, explore, and survive in a boundless, computer-generated universe. It’s a vast, open game,” and for PS4 fans, Murray further added that they are “excited for you all to play too, and we have some news a lot of you have been guessing at already. No Man’s Sky will have a full blown Blu-ray retail version!”

No Man's Sky

Are you ready to jet off into space and find out what lies in the center of the universe? I know I am!

Video Interview courtesy of Eurogamer

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  • mynameis002
    March 7, 2016 at 4:49 pm

    Yes.. me too. I already pre order on steam but sadly PS4 malaysia dont have nms pre order in the ps store for asia which make me sad. Btw looking forward to play nms on june although asia is 25 june

    • March 8, 2016 at 3:38 am

      Ah, sadly the state of Playstation Network in Asia is a bit lacking, but hopefully it will be up closer to the release date, maybe we’ll meet each other in space!

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