Mass Effect: Andromeda Releasing On March 21

Didn’t expect it to be this early- they really mean it when they said “Q1 2017”. But that is the release date for Bioware’s next new sci-fi RPG/shooter. In an official post on the game’s website, the date was revealed as the North American release, with Europe in March 23. Probably the Asian release is not far off, as publishers EA has been pretty great at delivering all their games to all the different regions in a timely manner.

So there you, mark the calendars. But as far as gameplay footage goes, we only got a few- the last drop was during the Game Awards and that looked a bit rough in facial animations. Hopefully with the game already in a playable state for all the developers, everything will turn up all right. This is the first Mass Effect outside of the trilogy- which promised a different outcome to each decision you make only to not have most of it matter much (especially the ending). With a new start and a new engine, there’s a lot of undertaking. The only reassurance we have right now is Bioware’s last game, Dragon Age: Inquisition turned out to be great with the new engine.

More gameplay footage will be revealed in Nvidia’s keynote at CES 2017.

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