Latest Mass Effect: Andromeda Teaser Trailer Explains The Setup For The Anticipated Sequel

Mass Effect: Andromeda is something highly anticipated among developers Bioware’s fans for a good reason. The series, despite a controversially unsatisfying ending, has been a great blend of RPG and third-person shooter with a strong focus of making lively worlds and interesting characters players grow attached with as the series goes.

But with Andromeda, it seems we will be getting a soft reboot of sorts due to the huge gap in timeline jump as well as an entire new setting: the Andromeda galaxy’s Helios cluster.

Check out the trailer first. It certainly sets the tone for what we should expect for the game:

600 years in cryostatis, with multiple “Arks” housing different species, each led by a Pathfinder, “a blend of elite soldier, scientist and guide”. That’s where you come in as the player character, to lead the new colonies to find a new home. Expect more lore dumps from this sort of briefing videos as the months come by.

While that trailer has been marked to not be actual gameplay, we also got our first cinematic trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda. This trailer uses in-engine gameplay bits to show how bad the landing is once all the Arks reached Andromeda. Expect to encounter new species that are inhabiting the Andromeda galaxy.

All these trailers arrived on November 7, in conjunction to N7 Day, a special day marked by fans and the developers to mark a celebration of everything Mass Effect each year, because.. of the N7 iconic armour? Speaking of which, the N7 armour does return, but we’re not sure just yet if the Pathfinder will be certified with N7 training, but considering Pathfinders do undergo soldier training, it’s likely so.

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