Insomniac Is Working On A PS4-Exclusive Spider-Man Game

Sony’s E3 press conference was filled to the brimmed with new game announcements, and the last game to be unveiled was a surprise. Insomniac Games, the guys behind Ratchet & Clank, the Xbox-One exclusive Sunset Overdrive, and a few Oculus Rift games, are working on a PS4-Exclusive Spider-Man game.

Interestingly, the game will have Marvel working in tandem with the folks in Insomniac, and it is not in any way ties to any upcoming movies or comics. This is an all new Spiderman, bringing a more matured Spider-Man, with all his moves and abilities already refined.

This seems to be really early in development, to the point there’s no title to the game as of yet.

Here’s the trailer that was shown in the press conference, and below that, a short interview with representatives of Insomniac and Marvel talking about it.

The trailer looks impressive, but without any proper details of how the game will be played it is remain to be seen if it can capture the people’s imagination of playing as Spidey like Spider-Man 2, the PS2 game made by Treyarch (now known as developing Call Of Duty games) or will it just be as horrible as the many other Spider-Man games we have seen.

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