Here’s A Full, Unedited Boss Fight In Furi

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Here’s A Full, Unedited Boss Fight In Furi

Furi is a character action game with only the boss fights. No grinding or beating waves of cannon fodder here, you’re thrown straight into the highlights of any good character action game. If the previously covered trailer haven’t sold you on it premise, maybe a full video of the boss fight, unedited done excellently may do the trick.

Developers The Game Bakers have made the video of the boss fight available via their YouTube channel. You can watch it here.

The battle takes about 9 minutes, as they estimated in their blog post at Playstation Blog here. Some cool gameplay thing to take note of:

  • The top-down view is to necessitate the bullet-hell parts of the fights where you need to dodge bullet patterns. Camera do close up to the player like a typical action game in certain moments of the fights. Like any bullet-hell games, you can shoot and dodge.
  • The boss fight have plenty of gimmicks, but all of them are projected clearly. Learn the cues and pattern and you should be able to take them down.
  • You can parry attacks, and a successful parry nets you health. Also, some health pickups will be thrown in the bullet-hell patterns at a later stage in the fight.
  • You have 3 lives, and health is replenished to full after you depleted all of the boss’s health. The boss has multiple lives, each introducing different gimmicks and abilities.

Also of note: the character design is made by Afro Samurai creator Takashi Okazaki, which explains a lot, especially the header image.

While seeing an excellent run of the boss fight is cool and had definitely sold me on the concept, I’m curious to see how the game will be with less experienced players. Will it be a nerve-wrecking run? Or will they blaze through a lot of these with ease? Only time, or more news and previews like this, will tell.

Furi is still set to release on the PS4 and PC sometime this year, so stay tuned.

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