Darkstalkers’ Jedah Joins Marvel VS Capcom Infinite Roster

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Darkstalkers’ Jedah Joins Marvel VS Capcom Infinite Roster

Two new characters for Marvel VS Capcom Infinite were showcased at EVO 2017. From the Marvel side, we have Gamora from Guardians Of The Galaxy and from Capcom, it is Jedah from Darkstalkers. Both of these characters are new to the Marvel VS series and was unveiled in an exhibition match between pro player FilipinoChamp and ex-pro player Combofiend, who now works under developers Capcom.

What was shown was some great high-level plays between the two players, but ultimately we only see glimpses of the two new characters. Gamora, who was first revealed in the last trailer, seems to fill in the niche Deadpool used to have in Marvel VS Capcom 3 with a mix of gunplay and swordplay at her disposal. Jedah should satisfy Darkstalkers fans as he looks incredible and has amazing moves.  You can check out a clip of the exhibition match here:

Marvel VS Capcom Infinite isn’t doing so hot right now in terms of fan reception. Most of it due to the unevenness of the character models shown so far (which explains why in the video it has to be pointed out Chun-Li looks a bit better) and the less exciting roster as reported from alleged leaks. So far the leaks have been true with the reveal of Jedah, one of the more exciting names in the list since Darkstalkers have been represented by just the same character, Morrigan, for years now.

We will have to see if Capcom can reel in the support of their fans back quick enough. Marvel VS Capcom Infinite is scheduled for release on September 19 for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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