Cross-Network Play Now Possible On Xbox

Microsoft has just announced that games using Xbox Live will now support cross-network play for the very first time.

This news means that Xbox players are now able to play online with those with the same game on other platforms, such as the PS4. One of the very first games to take advantage of this new feature will be the Rocket League, Psyonix’s runaway success story.

ID@Xbox director Chris Charla announced the big news in a statement on Xbox Wire. This mean that aside from cross-platform play between Xbox One and PC, it will now work with Sony’s PS4. However, this is not mandatory for all games to utilise the feature, but rather “it’s up to game developers to support this feature”. Those who only want to play with Xbox players can also choose to do so.
Chris Charla

This is a refreshing change considering that Microsoft previously had enacted policies that blocked Xbox One players on Rocket League from playing with others. On the flip side, Charla also stated that there is “an open invitation for other networks to participate as well,” so if Sony is willing to play ball, PS4-Xbox play may become a reality.

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