Code Vein, ARPG by Bandai Namco

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Code Vein, ARPG by Bandai Namco

Code Vein, ARPG by Bandai Namco to be released in 2018 for an unannounced platform. Staff from God Eater are involved with the project.

Synopsis: Code Vein is set in the near future, where the earth’s crust was pierced by the “thorns of judgment” and everything fell to ruin. The setting of the game is “Vein,” a closed society where a people known as “Revenants” just barely managed to survive.

Although Revenants possess supernatural powers, it came at the price of losing the majority of their memory. When low on blood, a Revenant’s humanity will decay, and since that would result in them turning into a monster called a “Lost,” they must continue to suck up blood.

The player will become a member of the Revenants, and while working together with allies, explore the world of Vein where countless Losts of all types, big and small, wander about. In doing so, players will draw near the full story behind the birth of the Revenants and the mysteries of Vein itself, a city fallen to ruin by the thorns of judgment. Will the cause of the ruin be connected to the birth of the Revenants? What is the truth that awaits them on this desperate journey?

Don’t let your hopes off the roof as NieR:Automata haven’t release in Asia region yet(FeelsBadMan). Probably same thing will happen as they’re kinda endorsing PS4 instead of PC.

Regardless of that, this game have really cool illustration which ticks me on harder than i used to be. How about you guys?


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