BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Announced, Brings In Characters From Persona And RWBY

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BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Announced, Brings In Characters From Persona And RWBY

Dragon Ball FighterZ is not the only thing cooking at Arc System Works. There’s another new fighting game that the developers just announced at EVO 2017. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle is the another new title from the 2D fighting game series BlazBlue but this time it’s a 2v2 tag team fighter as the name implies. But it’s not just Blazblue characters that’s going to be included. It will also bring over characters from Persona 4 Arena (also developed by Arcsys),¬†Under Night In-Birth (a game Arcsys published) and Western 3D anime RWBY.

While the former two games makes sense for inclusion, the addition of characters from Rooster Teeth’s web animated series is certainly unexpected. Though it should fit the rest of the cast. RWBY’s biggest draw is each character has a unique fighting style and weapon- as in the case of the main protagonist Ruby Rose, a giant scythe that also doubles as a sniper rifle. The characters should make a good fit in an anime fighter.

Here’s a teaser trailer:

Aside from the five characters shown, no other details were shared just yet. Fingers crossed they would at least add one Persona 5 character before the inevitable Persona 5 Arena shows up.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle is set to arrive in 2018.

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