Arika’s April Fools Joke Turned Out To Be A Real, Unnamed Fighting Game

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Arika’s April Fools Joke Turned Out To Be A Real, Unnamed Fighting Game

Back in April Fools this year, there were many jokes being thrown by various game companies, but the one that stood out the biggest was from Japanese developers Arika. It baffled many that their April Fools joke was a trailer of what looks like a legitimately brand new fighting game. The developers were responsible for the arcade game Fighting Layer EX as well as Street Fighter EX, which brought the fighting game series into 3D for the first time.

Ever since the joke trailer aired, there were many inquiries whether or not it is just a coincidence the trailer aired on April 1 and if it is coming out soon. Apparently, there was enough interest for the game for Arika to bring a playable version of it to EVO 2017 and has announce new characters, an upcoming beta test and a release window in 2018 (possibly on April Fools).

The game has yet to have an official title, with the developers calling it “The Mysterious Fighting Game (Title Still Undecided)” and is considered to be a new entry to the EX series. All the characters shown, including returning crowd favourite Skullomania, were part of the Street Fighter EX cast.

Whatever Arika decides to name the game, it will be a PS4 exclusive and scheduled for release next year.

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